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Character Design Portfolio



Project 1

Designed characters for animated TV series pitch entitled, "Twin On!"

The main challenge with the characters' was that although they are identical twins, they have polar opposite personalities.

Here are various character story moment doodles from my sketchbook to explore character design. For me, story moments are very important, since these moments cement a character's personality.

Below are concept pieces of story beats for "Twin On" :

Now that we have designed our Main Characters,

here are the supporting characters design exploration for the show:

End of design work for Project "Twin on!"

Project 2

I designed the main characters of the animated tv show, called Dodo the Vampire Duck, for pitching.



The design challenge was to create an animal based show that explores appealing and unique shape language.

Here are story-telling moment concept arts :

End of design work for

Project "Dodo the Vampire Duck"!

The style of the show balances realistic, photo inspired, back-grounds with stylized and flat characters.

For the background paintings, the goal is to find a balance between realistic and a painterly look, to fit in with the main characters.

The Collection of

Random Character

Designs & Colours

Project 3

Thank you!


Until next time, this is

Mari Chung's

Character Design Portfolio

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