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3D Character Project " Rose Rêverie "

3D Illustration " Tea Bath ", 2020

Rose Rêverie, I created her back in 2018. It was a rough doodle from the corner of my sketch book.

Around that time I was watching an old classic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I drew inspired from the main character, Audrey Hepburn.

Illustration " Rose Rêverie Character Sheet ", 2018

While designing Rose, I focused on shape-based design. Every shape should be almost perfect; a combination of circles and straight lines. I felt that this shape language matched Audrey's elegant and unique vibe.

Rose consists of simple shapes, so I thought she would be super appealing to visualize in 3D. Even better, if she became a 3D animated illustration?! (Cooool!) As a result, I drew a quick illustration for the project, called "A cup of dreams".  I then made an ortho drawing, shown below.

Illustration " A Cup of Dreams ", 2018

Ortho Drawing, 2018


Illustration " Butterflies ", 2018

3D Illustration " Butterflies ", 2018

My illustration included butterflies,

so I designed them (Left) and made them (Right) in 3D.

A character look still, 2018

A character rig still, 2018

Transitioning from 2D to 3D is always fun to look at.

Picture left is a quick rendering finished head and body model. Picture right is the finished Rose rigging.

The dress was inspired by colorful cupcakes and cotton candies.

I wanted it to look

like a chiffon dress material with a little bit of transparency.

A dress still, 2018

Here is a process video that shows the transition from animated mesh to rendered image and final composite.

I’ve always thought that simple characters with hair and fur details look super appealing. Therefore, I wanted to make sure that hair feels like hair, so I used X-Gen to simulate it.

The Process Video " A Cup of Dreams ", 2019

The Process Render Look " A Cup of Dreams ", 2019

Once I had the complete Rose character, I wanted to create some close-ups with details, imitating fashion magazines.

3D Illustration " Spotlight ", 2020

3D Illustration " New Wing ", 2020

3D Illustration " Daydreaming ", 2020

3D Illustration " Cute ", 2020

Here is another process video that I’ve worked on. I had a set up for the character but didn’t have the environment asset. So I did rough sketches on the scene and created them pretty quickly.


I intentionally made the enviro-

nment look with the same shader, while Rose, the teacup and the butterfly have a more realistic lookdev. Altogether, this forms an abstract mood, evoking a sense of dream. This is a common theme that is interwoven into my work.

The Process Video " Tea Bath ", 2020

Thank you for Reading!

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