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No 2. Amy

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Every girl needs to follow her heart.

"But how can I follow it without seeing it?", said Amy.



✦ This is a limited edition. 50 products only ✦

✦ What's included in the package? ✦

A Numbered NFT + A High-Quality Screen-Printed Physical Copy(18X24) + Early Access to upcoming projects


Mari Chung

Who is the artist anyways?  Click here 

 The Behind Story of Amy 


I believe art attains its fulfillment when it communicates effectively with the audience. This philosophy extends beyond painting, and I am eager to share this project with a wider audience. As a result, I have chosen to create NFTs + screen-prints to broaden the reach of this idea.


Amy, a captivating 30X40 acrylic painting on canvas, is a significant creation from

"The Observer(2022)" painting project.

During the process of painting Amy, I found myself at a crossroads, uncertain about the path I wished to take. The question lingered: "Everyone says to follow your heart, but what if I can't see the heart? How can I follow?" This sense of frustration became the central inspiration for crafting this painting. I envisioned a scenario where my heart possessed a compass, guiding me towards the right direction.

I hope this piece serves as a reminder for you to follow your heart and to remember to navigate the unique compass within you.


 What's Next? 

No 2. Amy in 3D

✦ Coming Soon in 2024 ✦


✦ This is a limited edition. ✦

✦ What's included in the package? ✦

A Numbered NFT + A High Quality 3D Printed Toy


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